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Body Parts

"Words that describe parts of the body"

English Indonesian Part Of Speech Definition:
bone tulang noun The hard connective tissue that makes up the skeleton. 
ankle pergelangan kaki noun The body part joining the leg to the foot. 
rib tulang rusuk noun Any one of the many bones that enclose the heart and chest. 
chin dagu noun The part of the face below the mouth. 
buttock pantat noun One of the two fleshy masses of muscular tissue one sits on. 
tooth gigi noun One of a set of bone-like structures in the mouth used to bite and chew food. 
vein urat darah halus noun A blood vessel that carries blood to the heart. 
throat tenggorokan noun The part of the body that is used as a passage to the stomach and lungs. 
heart jantung noun The organ that circulates blood in the body. Used when talking about the physical heart, not the emotional heart. 
hand tangan noun The part of the body that connects to the end of the arm. 
neck leher noun The part of the body that joins the head to shoulders. 
foot kaki noun The part of the body that is the lower extremity of the leg and is in direct contact to the ground when standing. 
breast buah dada noun The female human’s mammary glands that extend from the chest. 
finger jari tangan noun Any one of the five digits extending from a hand. 
toe jari kaki noun Any one of the five digits extending from a foot. 
face muka noun The front part of the head that shows the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. 
appendix usus buntu noun A tubular organ connected to the body's large intestine. 
chest dada noun The front part of the body part between the neck and stomach. 
eye mata noun The part of the body that one uses to see things. 
knee lutut noun The part of the body that acts like a joint between the thigh and lower leg. 
leg kaki noun One of two limbs used for walking and supporting the body. 
kidney ginjal noun One of a pair of body organs used to remove waste from the blood and to produce urine. 
liver hati noun An internal body organ that filters the blood of impurities. 
skin kulit noun The tissue that covers the body. 
stomach perut noun The part of the body used to help digest food. 
muscle otot noun A kind of body tissue composed of fibers and capable of providing strength and bodily movement when contracted. 
shoulder bahu noun The part of the body that is between the neck and arms. 
ear telinga noun The part of the body used for hearing. 
bladder kandung kencing noun The membranous sac in the body that stores urine. 
arm lengan noun The upper limb of the human body that connects the shoulder to the wrist. 
back punggung noun The backside of the human body. The backbone or spine. 
lung paru-paru noun One of a pair of respiratory organs used for inhaling and exhaling air. 
head kepala noun The uppermost part of the body that contains the eyes, nose, and ears. 
nose hidung noun The part of the body used for breathing and smelling. 
blood darah noun The fluid that circulates through the vascular system of a body. 
hip pinggul noun The bones in either side of the body below the waist and above legs. 
mouth mulut noun The part of the body that can take food via its opening. 

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