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Indonesian Prefix/Suffix Dictionary Spelling Translators

Sometimes I think Indonesian words are magical. All I have to do is to add a prefix to a base form of a word and suddenly the word transforms from a noun to a verb, from an adjective to a noun, or from something tangible to abstract. Beginners often have trouble with the spelling changes that occur when constructing and deconstructing base words with affixes. I built these translators to help Ďusí find the possible spellings of a word whether going from base form to affixed form or vice versa. These translators are especially useful for finding the former since most dictionaries alphabetize words in base form only. There are many times when these translators will offer two or more spelling possibilities. Thatís the nature of this wonderful language. As your skills progress though, you will no longer need these tools since spelling will become effortless. For now though, keep a good dictionary nearby just to be safe.